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WHY ClearFocus Robotics

Clear Focus Robotics (CFR) was formed to help address HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) disinfection, worker shortage and cost management challenges in healthcare. ​​

We help solve these challenges by providing Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR’s) which address staff shortage epidemics, increase employee effectiveness, workflow efficiencies, overall safety procedures and positively contributes to cost control reductions and initiatives. ​


Our team of Real Work Autonomous Mobile Robotics delivers hot and cold meals, sterile instruments and instrumentation, transports lab samples and medications, vacuum and scrub floors and “Violet”TM our all-star UVC AMR sanitize disinfects patient rooms, common areas, operating rooms, treatment rooms, hallways and waiting areas, dining areas and doctors’ quarters, assigned the work considered the dullest, least desirable most dangerous and strenuous in all of Healthcare. ​


Additionally, our fleet of AMR’s family of robotics relieves pressure on healthcare staff by assisting them with daily activities, which gives them more time to focus on high priority tasks.​


CFR AMR’s work for around $4 an hour, they do not need breaks, sick time or vacation time and they will never bring their problems to HR. 

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